Photography and Phones

Those of you who know me will be aware that I enjoy Photography.

If you’ve known me for a long time then you will remember that I used to be “that bloke who always has his camera over his shoulder”! This was based on the sound premise that to get a good photo, first you had to have your camera with you.

Back when I started getting serious about photography my camera was a Fuji STX1 35mm Film SLR with a 50mm lens, that was a chore to lug about over my shoulder for the occasional photograph (being careful not to wast a frame of my 24 or 36 exposure film!).

This was replaced by a Pentax P30N with a 28-80mm Zoom lens, giving more control but more weight & bulk that I then added to through the purchase of an additional 70-210mm zoom, some filters and a flashgun, not to mention the tripod!

So I was getting the occasional great photo but was restricted by the amount of kit I was lugging about.

I then acquired an Olympus Mju “compact” camera, a beautifully designed little 35mm camera that could truly fit in your pocket – I could now have my camera with me without looking quite so obvious, but it was more limited in ability!

In subsequent years I “Went Digital”, initially with a compact Kyocera/Yashica (interesting brand alliance!) and then onto my prefered Panasonic FZ and TZ models (Bridge & Compact).

These Panasonic cameras have served me well allowing the power and control of the old film SLR’s but without so much bulk BUT I still need to take them with me to get a photo!

This weekend I was at a family christening when I noticed something that had been creeping up on me for a while – even though I took my trusty Panasonic TZ with me I was actually taking more photos with my phone than with my camera.….

Now, even a year ago, taking photo’s with a phone was just a last resort as the quality of the lens & processing were dubious, but I now have a Nokia Lumia 820 that has an 8 megapixel sensor, a Carl Zeiss Lens with full AutoFocus, Dual LED flash and the capability to take 1080P (Full HD) video – better than both my “proper” cameras.  And just to add to the convenience as soon as I get a WiFi connection my Photo’s are uploaded to Skydrive so I don’t need to spend ages copying SD cards to my PC when I get home!

I will still use a “proper” camera when going out with the intention of taking photographs but the rest of the time, I have my camera in my pocket all the time, oh and I can make calls on it too…..


Holiday Photo’s!

My First Blog!

Well the time has finally come; even though I’ve been working in IT for more years that I care to remember I have never written a blog.

I gave in to the whole “Social Networking” thing a couple of years ago and have slowly found myself using it more and more so I decided (with prompting from friends – you know who you are!) that I should take the next step into the world of blogging.

So a little background to introduce myself.

I work as an IT consultant spending much of my time with clients designing, implementing and troubleshooting business solutions, generally focused around Microsoft technologies, especially Exchange Server. As an example; this week I visited a client to run a Design Workshop to kick off a Project to migrate their current Exchange 2003 server onto a Fault Tolerant Exchange 2010 installation. I also spent a couple of days with another client at the other end of their Exchange project to decommission their remaining Exchange 2003 Servers at their UK sites, while maintaining coexistence with Exchange 2003 in other sites around the world. Interestingly (for techies out there!) both of these clients have used Database Availability Groups for Fault Tolerance, some of the first I’ve seen in the real, world as many clients now use virtualisation tools to protect Exchange.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a total Petrolhead – I love cars and motor sport of any kind. I currently drive an Alfa Romeo 159 (much to the annoyance of my wife!) as it’s an interesting car and not the predictable A4, 3 Series, Passat, etc that a family man is meant to drive. Whenever possible I will go to races and other events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed – I’ve now been 6 times and it just gets better!

I also enjoy photography and often will be the one with a camera taking photos at events, like most photographers I don’t like being on the other end of a camera so you won’t see many photo’s of me!

The other  pastime I have is kite flying, I generally have my kites (power & stunt of varying sizes) in the boot of my car and love to fly them on the beach on Holiday or maybe a field somewhere – great for just forgetting the problems of the week…

So that’s a little about me, watch this space to see if I manage to write a second blog any time soon!

Wish me luck…