Hi I am a Microsoft focused IT Pro, Specialising in, but not limited to, Exchange Server.

I’m also a car mad petrolhead (as anyone who knows me will confirm)

Keen amature photographer

Father of two

I also enjoy kite flying, Technology and music of all types


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi Brian

    I read your articles about recovering Exchange Server 2010. I caused a big trouble to my company by trying to uninstall the CAS-role. It failed and now the status is somewhere between installed and uninstalled. Neighter can totally remove nor install again. I already organised the repair kit dvd 2, but I fear to use it. Dont know if situation will get even worse. And I also dont know if I should use setup.com /m:recoverserver or setup.exe. May I kindly ask you for a hint? The matter is only to repair the CAS-role. Thank you very much in advance for any help.

    Kind regards from Switzerland
    Fritz Schwendemann

    • Hi Fritz,
      Could you tell me what error message you get when you try to run Setup again to add or remove the CAS role?

      Remember, you can install the CAS role on another server if you need to provide mail access to your business.



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