Office 365 is more than just mail

I’m spending a large proportion of my time these days talking to clients about Office 365. This is great that so many people are now seeing the value of moving to a cloud service but there does seem to be some confusion over what Office 365 is.
I think the branding doesn’t help, after all Office has always been about Word, Excel & PowerPoint on your PC to most people!
The biggest issue I have is where people (including a number of vendors who should know better) say “Office 365” and it becomes obvious that what they really mean is “Exchange Online”.
I believe this comes from the fact that most people will migrate mail to the cloud first and so this is what becomes associated with the Office 365 name but it really is so much more – SharePoint, Lync, OneDrive for Business and Yammer all add so much more potential and, with the appropriate plan, a copy of Office is included too!
So next time someone talks about Office 365, ask them what they really mean. If they just want mail in the cloud then there is a separate plan for that called Exchange Online!


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