The PC is dead?

Something has been bothering me for a while when reading articles in the IT media, there is a statement that keeps recurring when discussing sales of hardware and software and the rise of modern trends such as Bring you Own Device (BYOD) – “The PC is Dead”.

I think these journalists should do a little bit of research to remind themselves exactly what a “PC” is.

Those of you who have been in IT for a long time will remember the arrival of the machine that started this revolution – The IBM PC.
This was a computer that sat on your desk, with a separate monitor and keyboard, running Microsoft DOS from a floppy disk (remember those?) and could do many things that the existing Mainframe, Mini & so called Micro computers of the time couldn’t. This was in 1981 – Windows wouldn’t be launched for another 4 years.

The key feature of the PC was that it introduced a standard that other manufacturers could work to, allowing many “PC Compatible” devices to be created running different hardware and software.
Over the years we have seen hundreds of different PC’s and the form factor has evolved from a large desktop device to “portable” units and then laptops to the point where I’m now using a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet as my primary PC for work.

So, what is a PC?
Is it a Desktop Computer, is it a Workstation? it could be either but not exclusively – by definition it is a “Personal Computer“.

All those journalists need to have a long hard think before using the term because from where I’m looking the Computer has never been so Personal and is a long way from dead.

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