As those of you who follow me on Twitter will have realised, I am in Orlando this week to attend the Microsoft Exchange Conference for my employer – EACS Ltd.

This used to be a yearly conference until 10 years ago when it was discontinued, but now it’s back and with a new Exchange product just around the corner it seemed to be a good time get maximum value from the event.

I arrived last night after dealing with 45 minute delays on the M25 getting to Gatwick (fortunately I had given myself plenty of time for just such a problem) and a 9 hour flight – with a 15 minute wait for a stubborn alligator to move off the taxiway before we could get to the terminal at Orlando!

I have today been down to the conference centre (all part of the hotel I am staying in) and registered to receive the obligatory bag & goodies

Although I have spotted and talked to a number of other delegates (yes – geeks are easy to spot, especially when wearing their badges already!!), tonight is the first Networking event where all the delegates get the opportunity to meet and have a look around the exhibition hall for the first time, then tomorrow the sessions start in anger with a full agenda all day kicked off by two keynote sessions.

Watch this space (and my Twitter feed) for updates on what is announced and information I learn….


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