Remember to Sysprep your VM’s!

A quick post to warn you of something that many of you fellow pro’s are already aware of.

Working with a client to install Exchange 2010 SP2 in a new virtual environment we experienced the following error on attempting to open the EMC:-

error [0x145AAC30] executing command ‘Get-LinkedRoleGroupForLogonUser’

On initial investigation this appeared to be a “known Issue” after SP2, which I was sceptical of as I have now installed SP2 for a number of clients with no problems at all. Further investigation revealed the true cause of the problem to be linked to SID’s.

The client had created a Template Virtual 2008R2 Server for quick VM deployment, they were under the impression that it had been “syspreped” but it transpired that they hadn’t ticked the box to “Generalize” the server. Consequentially every server that had been deployed from this template had the same SID, leading to this problem, and potentially many more!.

More info on Sysprep here :

As luck would have it the new environment wasn’t yet in production so we were able to uninstall all the rogue servers and remove them from AD & VMware – this could have been a lot worse!

Be aware – make sure you use this option if you are preparing servers….