Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone

There has been a lot of talk about Windows Phone in the IT media and Nokia ran a big advertising campaign when the Lumia 800 was launched in November so I thought I’d add my thoughts on this topic!

I’ve had my Nokia Lumia 800 for about 2 months now and to be completely honest – I love it!

The Windows Phone 7.5 OS is very simple and intuitive to use, everything I’ve attempted to do with it I have succeeded, with little frustration or resorting to searching the web for help. 

The size of the device is pretty much perfect; my previous HTC HD2 was a little too large with its 4.3″ screen but I was concerned that the Nokias 3.7″ screen may be too small, the reality is that it is just big enough to use without making the device too bulky.

One of the best attributes of the design is the People Hub, linking together all services, such as Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook,etc with the Contacts (Synced from Microsoft Exchange in my case), so that from one search I can see all communication from a particular contact, irrespective of the source (e-Mail, text, tweet, wallpost, update, etc). From this contact screen I can then choose to Call, mail, text, tweet, etc that contact based on their information.

This simplicity of design is further enhanced by the quick processor in the Nokia and that stunning 3.7″ AMOLED screen. When I first saw the screen I have to admit that I thought it still had a sticker on it with a demo screen, the image is so crisp and bright!

A particular surprise was the Zune Wireless Sync capability, once the ‘phone has been connected to a PC via cable and setup in Zune it enables the wireless sync option. This works automatically when I charge the phone and the PC is on, after 10 minutes on charge all data is synchronised over the wireless network via Zune so any photo’s I may have taken (with the 8mp Carl Zeiss Autofocus camera) are backed-up on to my PC and music & data is synchronised. Surely this is how IT is meant to work?

Another useful option for me professionally is the ability to configure Multiple Outlook e-Mail accounts, as I spend the vast majority of my time working with Exchange Server the ability to test Exchange ActiveSync is key. In the past I would have to borrow a device from the client (if they had a spare) or just use the Microsoft provided TestExchangeConnectivity website (which, although good, doesn’t always reflect the reality of a device being connected). With the Nokia I can quickly configure a new Outlook profile, using a test account on the new Exchange 2010 Server and confirm that the service is working.

Finally a little bit of surprise & delight – when the ‘phone is connected to my Bluetooth hands free in the car, If I receive a text message the phone will tell me, via the hands free system, and ask if I want it read to me!


A few minor niggles really;

No Bluetooth data transfer – the bluetooth implementation is only capable of headset/hands free functionality (which works extremely well)

Internet Tethering is not available at the moment, this is a minor niggle & apparently Nokia and Microsoft are working on addressing it.

No Storage Card capability – once again not a major issue as the device has 16GB built-in and many apps (such as Office) will save to internet locations as well/instead of to the device.

My major issue really is nothing to do with the device but the fact that, other than the Nokia launch campaign, Windows Phone is not being promoted by the manufacturers or the operators. I find this incredibly frustrating as the Microsoft Operating system is genuinely innovative and, to my mind, better that other devices out there (you know who they are – Fruits & Robots!).


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