Glorious Goodwood

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I’m a huge fan of the Goodwood Festival of Speed (having attended six times at the last count), but had never been to the Revival meeting, until now.

The incentive was as a Birthday present for my Dad, who will celebrate his 80th this December and so a “special” gift was required. I thought that he would enjoy seeing the cars, drivers & circuit that he had watched as a young man.

So, last Saturday at silly O’clock in the morning my Son & I picked up my Dad and we set off to Sussex. Dealing with torrential rain,  queues on the M25 (OK, nothing special there!) and slow traffic on the country lanes approaching Goodwood, we finally arrived, to be greeted by clearing skies with Spitfires flying overhead – nice start!

After grabbing a well-deserved bacon butty & cup of tea (from Airstream style food vans with staff in flat caps!) we started to explore. On our walk down the Lavant straight we stopped in the grandstand and watched the salon car racing – wonderful stuff with tiny Mini’s being hounded by huge Ford Galaxies and Mk2 Jag’s battling with Ford Anglia’s.







On arriving at the main straight area we were amazed at the extent of the event, a period traveling fair, High Street, Butlins and various other side shows and stands. Plus the paddock area, where all the cars could be seen. As well as all the staff and competitors being dressed in period costume at least 50% of the visitors (including my Dad) were also dressed in varying styles from the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s  just adding to the whole atmosphere of the event, to the point where I think many people would enjoy the event, even if they are not particularly bothered by motorsport.


All the time there was also track action going on including bikes, Sports cars, Single Seaters, and tributes to Fangio & the Jaguar E-Type.  And just to complete that period feel, from time to time classic planes including a Spitfire would take off & soar over the circuit.

After looking at many of the attractions we got a tractor trailer ride back to the grandstands at Lavant Corner in time to watch the last couple of races before heading home.

So, did my Dad enjoy his day – absolutely. Will I be going to the Revival meeting again – quite possibly, but the Festival of Speed is next Summer….!


How to restart Exchange 2010 RecoverServer process

I’ve been on a client site today fighting with an Exchange 2010 install problem.

I’ll not bore you with the details of how I got there but I ended up having to build a new server to replace the one I built yesterday(!).

The theory was simple:-

  • Install a new Server with the same name as the failed one I was replacing
  • Reset the AD computer account & join the new server to the domain
  • Install all the prerequisites for Exchange 2010 SP1
  • Run Setup /m:RecoverServer to install Exchange with the same configuration as the failed server using the AD configuration.

This is all documented in

All went well until, unfortunately, the MSExchangeTransport Service failed to start due to network issues. Now you would think that you sort out the issue then run the same command again wouldn’t you?

If you do you are presented with the error “Setup previously failed while performing the action DisasterRecovery. You can’t resume setup by performing the action install”

Searching around I found which sounded good but if you look in the Registry for the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Exchange\v8.0 as specified you will find it doesn’t exist for Exchange 2010.

After a lot more time banging my head against the monitor I worked out that the key is actually HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\ExchangeServer\v14 and that Exchange setup won’t be fooled by renaming keys as suggested.

I exported the keys and then looked in each “role” folder (MailboxRole, HubTransportRole, etc) and deleted any key labelled “Watermark” and “Action” – these are what the RecoverServer process looks for.

I now can successfully re-run the setup /m:RecoverServer process and get on with configuring the Exchange Server after a very frustrating day.