Holiday Photo’s!


Kite Cleaning

After a great week away with the family in Croyde Bay, Devon it was time to give the kites some TLC.

We flew the kites most evenings, some more successfully than others – Thursday evening it was a challenge just to keep the kites in the air as the wind was all over the place – one minute gusting, the next absolutely nothing.

Flying  kites on the beach is about the best place as there is generally loads of space and a sea breeze but it does mean that the kites tend to get covered in sand and salt water.

So today all our kites (3 of mine, 1 each Son & Daughter) went out on the washing line to air and dry so that any sand could be removed!

Now they have been packed away, ready for the next opportunity to fly them – Can’t wait!


Exchange ECP Performance Console

Just a quick note for anyone else out there who works with Exchange 2010.
While trawling the search engines for a solution to a client issue I stumbled across this (isn’t that always the way it happens!)- the ECP Performance Console. A useful enhancement to the standard tools out there, the benefit of this is that, unlike the other tools, this is run from a browser from anywhere that you can connect to the ECP.

To enable the feature on the Client Access Server navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\ClientAccess\ecp\web.config  (or wherever Exchange is installed)

Find the following section:

<!– Set ShowPerformanceConsole to “true” to show ECP’s Perf Console: –>

<add key=”ShowPerformanceConsole” value=”false” />
Change the value from “false” to “true”

Save the file & run the usual IISRESET /NOFORCE

If you now navigate to the ECP as normal you should find Performance Console as a pull down option on the top right of the screen next to the help icon.

You can now view statistics for your server performance